CREST version 3.0

CREST v3.0 is designed spefically for high latitude regions with heavy snow and can be applied to normal regions as well. To physically represent the ablation and melting process of snow, CREST v3.0 fully couples water and energy balances and has three layers of soil moisture. The routing part remains unchanged from CREST v2.1. CREST v3.0 requires a lot more meteorological and remote sensing inputs than CREST v2.1 and the process of solving energy balance is computionally expensive. Inherited from CREST v2.1, CREST 3.0 is fully vectorized, it further supports parallel compuation across hundreds processors. It is recommended that the land surface module of CREST v3.0 run on a HPC server. CREST v3.0 is going to be released soon.