CREST is a fully distributed hydrologic model, with water & energy balances coupled module and a snow process


RAPID is a fully automated inundation mapping system for non-obstructed flood driven by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and rely extensively on the use of multi-source remotely sensed and surveyed datasets.


The first global-scale distributed basin characteristics (GDBC) of 30 arcsec spatial resolution


A comprehensive flood-event database (FEDB) automatically retrieved from USGS flow records and Stage IV precipitation field

Released Flood Events


The inundation maps in GeoTiff format are generated from 10 m resolution Sentinel-1 images using the automatic RAdar Produced Inundation Diary (RAPID) algorithm. Inundation (pixels with label 1) refers to non-obstructed flooding only. The maps can only be used for non-commercial research, educational, and humanity purposes only. Please cite our publications when using/redistributing the maps.

Typhoon Kammuri (2019)

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